My name is Patricia Fitzgerald and I am a Mandala and Spiritual Artist based in Dublin, Ireland. My main body of work is Mandala art, but I also create Soul Collage and Angel pieces, again intuitively working with the energies that arise.

From the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, the word Mandala can be loosely translated to mean circle. But the Mandala is far more than just a simple shape. It embodies wholeness, representing the structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows us our relatedness to the infinite, that which extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. The Mandala can be seen as a container for essence, energy or spirit.  A journey into the self and to the connectedness with all that is.


The drawing of Mandalas as well as being an artistic practice is a meditative and spiritual exercise, bringing much peace and a sense of wellbeing. Mandalas are amazing tools for deepening the meditation experience and expanding consciousness. 

How to meditate with Mandala

Mandalas promote mindfulness, encourage peace and tranquility in the viewer’s mind and home. Psychologists, neurologists and researchers have found that by stimulating both sides of the brain (which mandala art is doing) our thought process becomes clearer, stress reduces, blood pressure lowers and the list goes on.  This happens both in the creation process and by viewing or meditating upon the piece.


All of my work is created intuitively as a form of open eyed meditation. The energies with me are palpable during the creation phase.  

As well as original art works, many of the pieces are available in beautifully produced limited edition prints. You can visit the Gallery page on my website to view both originals and prints.

If you would like to commission a piece created for a particular person or intention, please email me at peace@healingcreations.ie and you can see more about that process on the Commissions page.

Mandalas make a wonderful gift either to yourself or to someone that you love. They are suitable for many occasions. I hope that you enjoy my offering.

Wishing you much peace,