Guided Meditations (CD)


This is a CD of guided recorded meditations for people who want to calmly and intuitively embrace their authentic selves. The meditations are designed to accompany my book 'Who Would You Be If...How to reclaim your life and become a happy, authentic and stress-free woman." (Mentor Books October 2018). The meditations can be done alongside the book or can be done alone and will still hold much power for you in navigating your life journey.

The music chosen to accompany the meditations has been created with healing intention focused on specific frequencies that have proven useful in facilitating a certain mood, feeling, or brainwave state, giving you a powerful meditation experience.

"Patricia's voice has a beautiful quality; gentle, nurturing and safe. It was a pleasure to experience these peaceful and relaxing meditations". P Kielthy

1. Introduction
2.. Morning Meditation (10 mins)
3. Gratitude Meditation (13 mins)
4. Overcoming Fear Meditation (16 mins)
5. Creative Visualisation Meditation (34 mins)
6. Forgiveness Meditation (22 mins)
7. Evening Meditation (8 mins)
8. Meditation for Deep Sleep (20 mins)