Who Would you Be If... How to reclaim your life and become a happy, authentic and stress-free woman

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Who would you be if you had fewer negative thoughts? If you could move through fear more easily? If you could pursue your dreams with honesty and integrity? Who would you be if you spent less time worrying? What could you achieve? How would your life be different? What would your relationships look like?

More and more women are beginning to step into their own power. They want meaning and fulfilment in all areas of their lives, and want to pursue dreams that may have been abandoned for a myriad of reasons. This is a book for women who want answers. Women who want to take action. Women who are ready to change.

When we step into our power and live the life that we deeply desire, we become so much happier. The knock-on effect is that we naturally become good mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends. It’s not hard work any more. We do it from a different place, with a different energy. When we give, it no longer drains us; instead it fills us up. No longer do we feel resentful. We are in tune with our deepest and truest selves. We are honest and strong and magnificent.

Accompanying Meditations
I have recorded an album of seven deep meditations to accompany this book and help deepen your journey to wholeness. The meditations include a morning and evening meditation, gratitude meditation, overcoming fear meditation, forgiveness meditation, a powerful creative visualisation meditation and last but not least a meditation designed to bring you into a deep and tranquil night's sleep.

The music chosen to accompany the meditations has been created with healing intention focused on specific frequencies that have proven useful in facilitating a certain mood, feeling, or brainwave state, giving you a powerful meditation experience. (music by license from www.listeningtosmile.com)

"Patricia's voice has a beautiful quality; gentle, nurturing and safe. It was a pleasure to experience these peaceful and relaxing meditations". P Kielthy

You can either work alone with the book or with both. If you would prefer a digital download of the meditations, please see the separate product entry.