Forests have always been very healing, meditative, refreshing and rejuvenating places for me. This piece embodies the Spirit of the Forest. In mythology, nature spirits, or deities are composed of etheric matter. Their purpose is to build and keep guardianship over the plant kingdom while working in conjunction with the devas and elementals. They are said to have been here since the beginning of time and to have created the landscape of reality, which we return to for different reasons as guided.

The term nature deity typically refers to the concept of gods or goddesses in mythology associated with various perceived forces of nature. They feature commonly in polytheistic religions, and may include characteristics of the mother goddess, Mother Nature or lord of the animals. Here the spirit of the forest embodies both the feminine held closely by the masculine, although he may be more hidden, he is just as present as she.

All prints are limited edition fine art archival pigment print on acid free paper. This means that the inks used will not change colour over time & will last 80yrs + under archival conditions. Each print is signed, emboss stamped and numbered in a limited edition of 100.

All prints are reproductions of my original works on canvas. The original piece was created using acrylic paint and metallic pens on smooth canvas and measures 100cm x 70cm and has found a new home with a beautiful lady who lives surrounded by 45 acres of fitting!

The canvas has been scanned to a very high quality. Each print is signed and numbered and comes emboss-stamped by The Copper House Fine Art Printing Studio and are printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

The print measures 30cm x 42cm (A3)