Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling


Think of this book as a bubble bath for the soul. A way to nourish yourself, treat yourself, heal yourself. This book is all about a journey to self-compassion through mandala colouring by becoming aware of our inner voice, that yak yak yak monkey who keeps on talking....you know the one! When you engage with mandala, the voice seems a little more coherent, we can become more readily aware of it.

"This book provides a deep and enduring antidote to the stresses of our age." Padraig O'Morain, Irish Times Columnist and author of Mindfuless for Worriers

"Relax, feel entertained and simultaneously profoundly change." Judymay Murphy, International Motivational Speaker

When colouring the pieces, the idea is to bring awareness of how you are speaking to yourself. Are you being kind? Would you say this out loud to a friend or a stranger? Are you comparing your work to that of someone else? Are you worried about time? Are you worried about running out of a certain colour? (lack) And if you do run out, how do you react? It is fascinating to bring awareness to these elements of ourselves. In doing so, we shine the light on them and it is only then that we can truly heal. The way we interact with the mandala will mirror how we are in the bigger issues of life.

Each mandala is accompanied by an inspirational quotation from great thinkers both living and passed. There are also three journalng pages per mandala in which you can record your thoughts and reactions as you progress. You can use the book as an aid to self-development or indeed to document a journey. There are forty mandalas, and it came to my mind that there are forty weeks in a pregnancy. What a wonderful way this would be to record these weeks, connect with your baby in an utterly peaceful way. What a keepsake! Or if you are traveling be it physically or emotionally. It was during my divorce that I came to do mandalas and the peace and fulfillment that they have given me cannot be understated. This hardback book is a beautiful keepsake for any journey in life.

The book also contains ten coloured plates of my work on black which you may be more familiar with. With each plate, there is a short meditation for you to engage with.

Take the journey. It is worthwhile getting to know yourself. You can take the journey alone. Or you could journey with a group. This would also be a very interesting exercise. Have your friends around, put on some beautiful music, light candles and work in silence. Afterwards discuss what took place as openly as you can. If you would like me to give a workshop to your group or your friends to get you started, please email me at peace@healingcreations.ie or click here for more information.

I'd love to see some of the coloured pieces and everyone's unique styles and technique, so please do share your pieces with me on social media or by using the hashtag #HealingCreations