This mandala is based on the geometry of four which then becomes eight, then sixteen and so on to infinity.

When working with this piece, there emerged what seemed like little gateways or portals leading to something else. It felt like possibility to me. Infinite possibility. Just as the geometry of four will expand infinitely, so too can possibility…if only we can begin to allow it. We get so stuck in our day-to-day habits that seeing doors of opportunity can become very obscured for us. Sometimes there is a crack of light beneath a door and all that it may need is a little push, other times the doors are wide open, but we drive on by, not even noticing. By becoming calm and more self-aware, these doors begin to be seen in a clearer way.

The fourth and the final circle in this mandala represent our gardens of possibility. Gardens that we need to tend. By looking after ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually we begin to see possibility more clearly. Perhaps we begin to see possibility to the four at first. Then to the eight. Then to the sixteen….like multiplying up through levels until we can see that possibility is in fact limitless. Small steps will lead to big changes.

All prints are limited edition fine art archival pigment print on acid free paper. This means that the inks used will not change colour over time & will last 80yrs + under archival conditions. Each print is signed, emboss stamped and numbered in a limited edition of 100.

All prints are reproductions of my original works on canvas. The original piece was created using acrylic paint and metallic pens on smooth canvas and measures 100cm x 100cm and is available for sale.

Each print is signed and numbered and comes emboss-stamped by The Copper House Fine Art Printing Studio and are printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

The print measures 30cm x 30cm (12” x 12”)