Kalachakra for the Goddess: Limited Edition 350 Piece Jigsaw


Making mandalas and looking at mandalas is an extraordinarily mindful practice that brings about a stillness and a calmness that can often be hard for me to put into words.

The idea in making up these mandala jigsaws is to work in a calm and quiet environment. Light yourself a candle or two, some incense and get comfortable. Become mindful of the thoughts that you are having whilst making it up. You may experience serenity and calmness or you may experience frustration or worry of running out of time etc.

Mandalas are wonderful tools that act like a mirror to the larger things going on in our lives. Bring awareness to where else in your life you might experience similar feelings? Close your eyes and really feel into that. Journal this alongside the experience if journaling is your thing.

As with the tradition of the Buddhist sand mandala (you can see a wonderful video of that on my website in the Inspirational Videos section) , the idea is to then break up the jigsaw, giving gratitude for or releasing what might have come up for you during the process. This is also symbolic of the impermanence of all things and an exercise in non-attachment. A lesson too that all things will pass. It can be a profound experience.

You can always make the jigsaw up again if you want to frame it, but I would love you to try this experience if even once!!

The jigsaw is 350 pieces, circular in shape when made up and measures 18 inches in diameter. It will be posted in a customized package designed especially for you.