Tara: Mini Framed Limited Edition Print (25cm x 25cm)


These Soul Collage pieces are created using collage technique mixed with gesso, acrylic paint, metallic pens, pencils and whatever feels to be right for a particular piece.

Some of the works are based on vivid dreams that I have had and others come as a result of writing thoughts or poetry beneath the work and seeing what unfolds. The process involves picking images intuitively with no thought as to how I want it to end up in terms of composition. It is amazing what stories can unfold during this process. To me, it feels as though I could look at them and see or feel something new and different each and every time. They seem to carry messages....

These small but perfectly formed framed prints will make a thoughtful and meaningful gift to yourself or another. Beautifully packaged and presented, these 25cm x 25cm framed limited edition prints can be easily shipped worldwide.